Troubled Waters

It is an especially nice day in Carbondale. I am sitting on the Writing Porch and reflecting on how peaceful and serene the afternoon is. Mylo has been for his annual Vet Visit and has received his required shots. He groused all the way there. He does not like going to the doctor any better than I do. However, when the Vet examined him he was a perfect gentleman…kids!

As I walked the streets of Herrin this morning I admired the historic buildings and the quiet rhythms of the city. I have been watching an Apple TV series entitled Extrapolations. It prognosticates the condition of our lives a decade at a time up to 2070. The controlling factor is Global Warming. The program does not make science fiction assumptions but common sense extrapolations of the effect of increasing temperatures. It caused me to think that we humans do not understand what we have and how fragile it is.

As the saying goes, ‘We doth protest too much.’ We hold our Second Amendment rights so sacred that the lives of our children take second place to the supreme right of the gun…

Our home is dying…but probably we will die first…so we will not have to experience it…

America for the Americans…we cry as we wrap ourselves in the flag and hug it and kiss it. Someone told me once that Native Americans were foreigners… We must protect our jobs we proclaim…while crops rot in the field for lack of harvesters…do you want to pick some fruit?

Many of us are still in the locked room after the resurrection in fear of what will happen to us if it is discovered that we followed our leader who the religious/political world crucified…

Perhaps it is time for us to unlock the doors and let the sunlight in…and go to work as…peacemakers.

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