Coronation Capers

‘I simply can not believe that we are really in London to see the Coronation of King Charles,’ Neva J. said with a broad smile. ‘Dad wanted to bring us all over to be an eyewitness to something that has not occurred in 70 years,’ Daryl said. ‘I love hearing the drums and the practice sessions under the window of our flat in the middle of the night,’ Jane said. ‘You know I think I saw the King as he was being driven to a rehearsal,’ Chet added.

‘England and the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth intrigue me,’ Billy B. said. ‘I followed King Charles since he was a lad and all the happenings surrounding him,’ Neva J. mentioned. Queen Elizabeth was a study in class and dignity and rock solid leadership over many decades,’ Jane added. ‘Remember when we toured Parliament and the House of Lords as well,’ Billy B. asked? ‘Often I enjoy watching the BBC News on television more than our own news,’ Chet commented.

‘I had the strange waking dream last night…I was watching the Coronation Practice from our balcony and swore that I saw Queen Elizabeth standing along the sidewalks that were filled with onlookers…and when she saw me looking at her…she smiled her little smile and waved at me,’ Neva J. said with tears in her eyes…

‘There was a young woman standing next to Queen Elizabeth…she was beautiful and elegant…she looked up and smiled a smile that I remembered seeing many times…Princess Diana…’!

7 responses

  1. blindzanygirl | Reply

    Is that just a story, or are you really here BJ?

    1. Just a story…but I wish I was there!

      1. blindzanygirl

        I wish you were here BJ. It’s a lovely story

      2. Thank you, my friend.

  2. You wrote it as if you are there BJ! Are you there?

    1. No. This is a fiction story interwoven with fact. Many passages happened. I was inspired by my dear friends, who have a flat in London speaking of the Coronation practice transpiring beneath their flats window in the middle of the night.

      1. Oh wow! I did not get to watch the coronation on tv here. It must have been a pompous event with the rituals and rites befitting a King.

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