Through The Looking Glass

The One hollered at the Other! ‘You kicked me out of the house and never even checked on me to see if I was alright,’ One said. ‘Nobody kicked you out…you simply left,’ Other replied. ‘I was just a kid and knew nothing of the world and its dangers…you should have cared, One said. ‘You seemed to have all of the answers when you left,’ Other replied. ‘I was left to live on the streets of the City…I slept on rooftops to avoid being mugged or harassed or worse,’ One said. ‘I prayed for you each night,’ Other replied. ‘You and your religious friends did not seem to mind that I was hungry and cold and naked,’ One said. ‘I was watching and waiting,’ Other replied. ‘You disowned me and filled my space with your tradition and Tchotchkes,’ One said. ‘I was always watching,’ Other replied. ‘You were too hard…your rules were too strict…your love was conditional,’ One said. ‘I never moved…I am just where you saw me last…my love is unconditional,’ Other replied.

Sis said to Sister, ‘How did we become so far apart?’ ‘You are hardheaded…and obtuse…you changed,’ Sister replied. ‘I am the same…you scared me when we were young…you bullied me…you were mean,’ Sis said. ‘I was a kid just like you…I have grown…just like King Charles,’ Sister replied. ‘I think of you often,’ Sis said. ‘Well you never call…you do not even email,’ Sister replied. I wish things were different,’ Sis said. ‘Much too late for that now…after all I have my dignity to think of,’ Sister replied.

Friend said to Old Friend,’ I never cared that your politics was different than mine. Old Friend replied, ‘It matters when one political party is on God’s Side while the other is of the Devil. ‘We were biscuit-eating Pals and we worked side by side,’ Friend said. ‘Who is on the Lord’s side is my primary concern these days…you have changed…for the worse,’ Old Friend said. ‘I have been a Christian most of my life…and I feel it more now than I did then,’ Friend replied. ‘God will be the judge of that…the Bible is to be taken literally…word for word…and God has political leaders who help us to understand where to draw the line,’ Old Friend said. ‘Jesus loves the little children…all the children of the world…red, yellow, black and white all are precious in his site,’ Friend said. ‘All the little children that follow his Doctrine…some are tares among the wheat,’ Old Friend said. ‘Pray for me,’ Friend said. ‘If you repent and return to the Fold…I will,’ Old Friend said…

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  1. blindzanygirl | Reply

    Much truth in here my friend. I hope you enjoyed the coronation.

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