‘Forever-is composed of Nows’

‘Forever – is composed o Nows-

Tis not a different time-

Except for Infiniteness-

And Latitude of Home –


From this – experienced Here –

Remove the Dates  –  to These  –

Let Months dissolve in further Months  –

And years – exhale in Years –


Without Debate – or Pause –

Or Celebrated Days –

No different Our Years would be

From Anno Dominies -‘

Emily Dickinson


Today, is Commencement at many Universities and Colleges and High Schools.


Our, dear, great niece Paige, graduated today and she has so much promise for success and accomplishment.  She is an inspiration with her, lovely and mature, personality and her care for others.

Her mother, Tara, and her father, Mike, are the epitome of wonderful parents who care about their children and are actively involved in their lives.

It is Commencement at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

I was walking the Campus of SIU, yesterday, and I took great pleasure in observing the proud grandmothers and grandfathers and the moms and dads and the bothers and sisters and the friends of the graduates…walking in to Shryock Auditorium to witness their loved ones walk across the stage and receive their diplomas…signifying their academic accomplishments.

IMG_9936IMG_9941‘Forever is composed of Nows,’ Emily Dickinson told us.  And, really, a greater truth can not be told.

‘Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.’   John Lennon

All to often we plan for the, far off, future, where we will have more time to enjoy life and to retire and to reflect on the profound meaning of our existence…when our future is now.

If you want to write a book…write it now.

If you want to paint…paint now.

If you want to tell someone that you love them…tell them…now.

I have often said to Mary Jane that joys and happiness that we experienced, at many times during our over 40 years together…may be the best year of our lives?

Graduates look out on the infinite opportunities that await them….the opportunities are now.

IMG_9929Do you want to help the poor and feed the hungry and visit the sick and be a friend to the lonely?

Do it now!


2 responses

  1. Beautiful quote apropos for graduates, love the photos, particularly the hands clasped.

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

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