A Peanuts Christmas

Billy B. was thinking about his childhood in Eldorado during the 1960s. He recalled his friend, Jeff, telling him that he, Billy B., reminded him of Charlie Brown…of Charles Schulz Peanuts comic strip and the television premiere of A Charlie Brown Christmas…in 1965. This comment had been a great compliment to Billy B. as he loved Peanuts and the antics of Charlie Brown and Linus and Snoopy and Lucy and Peppermint Patty…and of course Woodstock. The Linus and Lucy Theme Song by the Vince Gauraldi Trio…was his favorite music. Billy B. could visualize his role as Charlie Brown and Chet as Linus and Jeff C. as Snoopy. Many of the events that happened in the Third Grade of Hillcrest School…reminded Billy B. of the stories from Peanuts.

‘Billy B….do you really believe that if we enter your mom’s Magic Mirror…we can be a part of the Peanuts Gang and even be in ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ asked Chet? ‘The Wiz assured me that all we have to do is utter the words, A Charlie Brown Christmas…Pass…and then walk into the Magic Mirror,’ replied Billy B. ‘Jane is coming as well as Jeff C. and Tommy is joining us…as he loves Pig Pen! Now Neva J. had a Magic Mirror that she had visited the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce through. Neva J. loved Antiques and what she and her mom referred to as…Antiquing. Grace had a song that she often sang, ‘Antique…Antique…You’ll never lose your worth…Antique…Antique…the greatest thing on earth.’ Grace was a dedicated Christian as well as believing all of the events recorded in the Bible…including the existence of the Devil and Demons and the Lake of Fire and Armageddon where the blood will run as high as the horse’s bridle… Grace was a serious eclectic…Fundamentalist…

December 24…Christmas Eve arrived and the intrepid Magic Mirror Travelers were assembled in Neva J.’s bedroom in front of her Antique Magic Mirror that had been owned by the renowned Magician…Harry Houdini… Harry H. had purchased the Magic Mirror at the beginning of his career from an ancient Gypsy from Hungary…the country of his birth. Neva J. had purchased the Magic Mirror from Bess Houdini, Harry’s wife in 1940, in the town of Needles, California during a driving holiday that she and Billy B.’s; father, Willam, had taken. They had rented a UHaul to haul the large ornate Mahogony Magic Mirror back from California…first to Chicago…and later to Eldorado, Illinois. Neva J. loved her Mirror from Bess Houdini and relished telling the story of talking with Bess when she was in the Antique Emporium in Needles, California. Bess had told Neva J. that much of Harry’s success during his illustrious career could be attributed to the Magic Mirror. Harry and she had visited many of the mysterious places of the world and had discovered Magic that aided Harry in many of his death-defying escapes… She went on to tell Neva J. that she visited Harry through the Magic Mirror and the only reason that she was selling it to her was due to not having need of it much longer as the time of her death was approaching.

Chet and Billy B. and Jane and Jeff C. and Tommy L. walked into the Magic Mirror…and there was the Peanuts Creator…Charles Schulz…on set and directing each Peanut character where to stand…and then he called out…’Extras…take your places…’ Charlie Brown told Billy B., ‘Nice hat…man.’ Lucy said to Jane, ‘Do not go after my man…C.B…I steal the football from him…but I secretly love him…’ Snoopy laughed at Jeff C. and said, ‘Have you ever slept on top of a Dog House?’ Pig Pen arrived amidst a cloud of dust and told Tommy L., ‘Follow my lead.’ Linus walked up to Chet and pulled out from seemingly nowhere…a blanket and snapped it like a whip…and said, ‘You are going to be needing this…my good man…and if I forget a scripture in the Christmas Story…I will say…line…and you will whisper the line to me from the King James Bible that you will have open and you will be dutifully following my recitation of the wonderful Natviviy Story…’

And they all began to dance…with their noses pointed skyward…around the Christmas Tree…

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  1. Very nice share about the love for Peanuts gang. 😃

    1. Thank you, my dear friend. I am thinking of you and your upcoming health issues.

      1. Very kind of you BJ. I am appreciative of it. Garfield hugs

  2. Love this show.

  3. Who wouldn’t walk through a Magic Mirror? Lovely!

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    1. Thank you, my friend. 🪞

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