Where Is Secret Santa?

Have you ever sought Waldo? During the 1980s the Books regarding ‘Where’s Waldo’ were all the rage. I have spent a significant amount of time seeking Waldo… You would think that Waldo would not blend in so well…what with his colorful sock hat and his bright striped shirt…but he can get lost pretty easily. So…when I would find Waldo…it was a time of great joy.

Christmas Traditions change through the years. A long time ago I often heard of offices and churches and social groups drawing each other’s names out of a hat and thus becoming the Secret Santa for the unsuspecting person whose name they had drawn. The fun was in buying a Christmas gift for someone who you knew on a casual basis. Usually, there seemed to be a dollar limit involved and a Christmas Party where the participants would gather together to exchange gifts and to discover who their Secret Santa was. Then entailed much laughter and rejoicing as each person unwrapped their gift and saw either a gag gift or a necktie with Santa and his elves…or an Ugly Christmas Sweater…

There is a bit more of all of us seeking our Secret Santa. For every 100 elderly in the United States…1 has died of our Pandemic. Recent studies have illustrated that there is a plague of mental illness among our young. School Shootings have become common…in the Land of the Free…and the Home of the Brave… In our Crusade for ‘Protecting my Rights’, we have discovered that our rights can result in terrible Wrongs…for our neighbor.

Sound Bites are…our literature of choice in 2021… Slogans…are our Poems. Truth is what pacifies our personal belief system…

We search for the Christ Child born in Bethlehem… We search for the Baby that was lain in a manger…because there was no room for him in the inn… We search for Peace among the noise of materialism and idols and icons…

Mame had it right when she sang…’We need a little Christmas…right this very minute…’

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  1. I have been very busy in my little workshop, making small presents -mostly going to people I have never met, but have seen things I have made in the past and wanted something handmade for a friend or relation – it is all a labour of love – Seems I have become a well-kent face _ making my toys has made me a star – known from St Andrews to places afar – And yes I know I shouldn’t bitch – but will never make me tall or rich. The girls (my neighbours) have done well with their homemade Christmas cards and small gift boxes – our reward is in the knowledge that people still want something handmade and not out of a container straight off the boat from the other side of the world.

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